There are some names that are inextricably tied to bygone eras. Names like Gertrude and Titus. You can add the name Hashtag to that list. 

A beauitful baby girl (not pictured above) born on Saturday night around 10 PM was named Hashtag Jameson. Don't believe us? After the birth, Hashtag's parents immediately took to Facebook and posted a photo of their new bundle of joy.

We can't front—we've seen parents give their children much weirder names like Draper (as in Don), Moo (as in the sound a cow makes), and Notorious (as in the late great rapper). But when little Hashtag grows up, she will forever be linked to the 140-character social network.

Could be worse, though. She could have been named after the Facebook "Like" button.

[via Mashable]