You know that hulking friend of yourse, the one turns into the Incredible Hulk whenever he or she gets drunk? It's like having to deal with a drunk elephant, right? Well, imagine having to deal with an entire of herd of drunk elephants who want to keep their party going. Imagine it, becuase it actually happened. A crew of intoxicated elephants went on a rampage in the village of Dumurkota, India after crushing over 500 liters of moonshine.

According to local police officer Asish Samanat, the elephants were able to recognize the smell of alcohol because they live in "close proximity" to humans. He also said that the elephants were more aggressive than usual, which can be attributed to the liquor. The animals destroyed a store, three houses, and destroyed crops in their effort to find more booze.

The elephants were herded up and steered towards their normal travel route thanks to the combined efforts of police and villagers. Someone should've steered them to Alcoholics Anonymous.

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[via Metro UK]