Cheater: Senator John Edwards
Date Of Affair: 2/21/2006

Senator John Edwards' fall from grace has been a doozy. At the center of his implosion is former employee-turned-baby-mother Rielle Hunter, who in 2006 was a videographer for his campaign to secure the Democratic '08 presidential nomination. Let's be real, at this stage in the game, if a politician gets busted for infidelity, it's just another hectic news day. The fall of Johnny E. is no ordinary tale though.

The clandestine relationship with Hunter had to endure serious elements like a wife stricken with cancer (who eventually passed away), a sex tape that threatens to derail Edwards even further and a federal grand jury investigation of misallocated funds (charges that he used more than $1 million in political donations to hide his affair) that could lead to jail time. To put it nicely, Edwards is in a world of shit. Hunter's gift of a daughter born three years ago may be the only silver lining of their wild nights spent together.