Cheater: Josh Duhamel
Date Of Affair: 10/9/2009

Pole dancing single mom Nicole Forrester claims that on October 9, 2009 she engaged in sexual relations with Transformers guy Josh Duhamel not long after meeting him at the all-nude club Tattletales Lounge in Atlanta. The in-shape stripper purportedly went by the name "Delilah" at her job. Duhamel supposedly introduced himself as "JD," a porn star in town for, you know, the ATM. After Josh and his buddy got some lap dances, he got Forrester's number and made plans to meet up in the future, which they did at the St. Regis hotel in a $820-a-night suite-allegedly. JD denies all this. Probably, maybe, most likely because it never happened or because he's married to BEP's Fergie. Whoops.

It only took weeks for the tabloids to run stories about the tryst, which might have happened because rumor has it JD was braggin' about his porno skills on set of the movie that brought him to Georgia in the first place. For her part, Forrester said the National Enquirer told her they were gonna print the gossip whether she cooperated or not, so she caved in and got paid to be interviewed. During a segment on Extra, Nicole apologized to Fergie and said she quit dancing in her birthday suit because her kids were grossed out that ma was a dirty dancer. Not sure if that's a happy ending or not, but we'll go with yes.