Cheater: Televangelist Jim Bakker
Date Of Affair: 12/6/1980

Jessica Hahn's story certainly is not that of a passionate love affair. On the contrary, her interaction with the once mighty PTL leader Jim Bakker was an ordeal for she claims to have been drugged with GHB and raped by ministers Bakker (husband of Tammy Faye) and John Fletcher after being invited to a telethon in Clearwater, Florida. The church secretary harbored the secret for seven years (she was paid $265,000 to keep quiet) and it was only until the religious empire worth millions (PTL stood for Praise the Lord not Pass The Loot, but may as well have) was under investigation for financial misconduct that Hahn's story made front page news.

Hahn told Larry King in 2005 that she returned all the money back to the church, but did score a million dollar payday posing for Playboy back in the '80s. Jessica also admitted to having plastic surgery and stated that posing nude helped her deal with a lot of the emotional problems that she had. Apparenty, being naked and unashamed had been part of this woman's salvation.