Cheater: Senator Gary Hart
Date Of Affair: March 27, 1987 - May 8, 1987

They met in Aspen, CO, at a New Year's party thrown by the Eagles' Don Henley. Almost four months later, model and aspiring actress Donna Rice, 29, an all-American girl with a healthy disposition and noticeable curves, by chance ran into the 50-year-old Senator Gary Hart from Colorado, who was the Democratic frontrunner for the '88 Presidential elections, at the docks of Turnberry Isle, an affluent resort complex north of Miami. They talked and he invited the attractive young woman to go sailing on his private yacht (christened, appropriately enough, Monkey Business). A day spent drinking wine, chatting and flirting lead to a night of wavy passion-and the end of the road to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for Hart.

It seems in the wake of their steamy night together, Rice supposedly began yappin' to anyone who would listen about her intimate moments with the candidate and eventually the Miami Herald got an anonymous tip that some real monkey business was happening in the presidential hopeful's downtime. Soon reporters from all over swarmed the Senator's Washington D.C. townhouse. His nads to the wall, Hart withdrew from the prez race on May 8, 1987. But, hey, at least the geezer had a nice side of Rice before he sailed away into the sunset.