Cheater: Billy Crudup
Date Of Affair: Midway through 2003 - Fall 2006

Something-about-her Claire Danes is impetuous. Her so-called affair with fellow actor Billy Crudup, if not ill-advised, was badly timed for dude was involved with Mary-Louise Parker. And when we say involved, he was seven-years, seven-months pregnant deep with the Weeds actress when he bounced for the daring Danes, who herself was romantically linked with Australian indie rocker Ben Lee for six years.

They met on set in London and both maintained that their relationship did not overlap with Crudup's cohabitation with Parker, but there was some fans that didn't buy it. Claire, whose big screen breakthrough was Romeo + Juliet (1996), pulled a dramatic move in 2006 when she dumped Crudup for her current hubby Hugh Dancy. Danes, distinct cheekbones and all, can currently be seen on Showtime's Homewrecker/em>... uh, we mean Homeland.