Cheater: Ashton Kutcher
Date Of Affair: July 2010 - August 2010

Ashton Kutcher already has an older woman in his life. For a concentrated time last year there was a sassy 21-year old determined to convince the world that she was the other woman in the actor's bed...or, rather, couch, actually. Tabloid Star Magazine reported this past September that Brittney Jones allegedly met Kutcher at Lucky Strike Lanes in Hollywood in July and immediately started exchanging texts, which lead to an illicit meeting at Ashton and wife Demi Moore's home in Beverly Hills. They did the nasty, Jones claims. Kutcher strongly denied the accusations and probably thought he was on some surreal episode of Punk'd.

Spunky Brittney wouldn't go away. She later put a sweater that she claimed belonged to Ashton for sale on eBay and then Vivid endorsed a sexually explicit tape of Jones, who most definitely looks good naked with her nice flat tummy, that was marketed using Kutcher's name. Legal action was threatened. Through it all, Demi stuck by her man, even as the wild brunette, less than half Moore's age, tried to steal him away from her.