An explanation by way of example.

parrishm89: Come on now. I am so sick of hearing about Apple, it's starting to drive me crazy. Guys, more so to the die-hards, wake up for gosh sakes. Anyone dumb enough to spend hundreds of dollars more for a device(s) that offers the same, and even less, of an over-all experience than cheaper alternatives, is just a blind consumer. Today I listened to someone complain about how she couldn't use her sd cards, from her camera, to transfer photos onto an iPad and this guy defended the iPad by stated that you can get an adapter for that. For gosh sakes, Apple can't even put sd card slots on their iPads, which ultimately merits another useless purchase for an adapter. What sickens me is many consumers are okay with blowing all this necessary amounts of cash on a WAAAYYYYY overpriced device(s). Heck, look at Apple's macbook pros; you can literally buy the same thing, with MORE graphical power, for hundreds of dollars less and many consumers still think that the more expensive Apple product is somehow more superior/innovative. I will never understand this Apple phenomena and am sorry for people that can't see this.

richardpaulknight: I don't want *cheaper*. Do you moan at a guy in an Aston Martin and say he should have got a Ford Focus?