Played by: Tom Hardy
As seen in: Lawless (2012)

No matter how often one may entertain thoughts to the contrary, booze is not an elixir of immortality. That being said, how else to account for bootlegger Forrest Bondurant surviving numerous shootings and a throat slashing? It's unclear as to how he routinely cheats death, but it's worth nothing that—SPOILER ALERT, but not really, since Lawless is based on real people—booze gets him in the end, as he drunkenly does a jig on a frozen pond, breaks through the ice, and climbs out, only to succumb to pneumonia.

Maybe it was nature's sense of irony that kept him alive through the bullet wounds, only to be undone by the liquor that provided his livelihood. If this is some sort of morality tale, it didn't work. We're going to keep drinking whiskey so we can at least feel like we can live forever.