Played by: Shelley Duvall

It’s not often that we urge—nay, beg—the killer in a horror movie to gut the main characters, but we make an exception for The Shining. Shelley Duvall is just so whiny and dense as increasingly unstable Jack Torrance's wife that it makes it nearly impossible not to root for him to turn her into a lampshade for the hotel lobby. Her high-pitched speaking voice and shrieks just add fuel to our rage, as she spends most of the movie nervously going from room to room turning herself into a spectacle of anxiety.

For the entire two-and-a-half hour run time of the movie, Wendy shows off little depth other than just being a stock character for Jack to go after. Some people like to say it’s the hotel that made Jack go nuts, but you can’t discount what marriage to a woman like this can do to a man.