Played by: Bill Paxton

It’s always a sin when an otherwise great movie (one of the 10 best action movie ever, in fact) features one character that makes you want to pull your hair out, and in Aliens, Bill Paxton’s performance as Private Hudson does just that. With the attitude of a boorish high school football team captain, Hudson spends his time as the ship’s resident jackass. He mocks the crew constantly, makes lame jokes, and is constantly trying to prove his masculinity to others.

It’s depressing to know that people will still act like this in the future, according to James Cameron. Somehow all of this flexing and jockish behavior was all worth it when he met his grisly end later on in the film. It's always torture sitting through a movie with a character like this, yet if they take it on the chin later in the film we usually wind up satisfied.