Played by: Josh Heder

With his curly hair, thick glasses, and open-mouthed expression of continual stupidity, Napoleon Dynamite burst onto the scene in 2004 in what many considered to be an indie gem. But that doesn’t stop Napoleon from landing on this list as one of the most annoying characters ever to hit the big screen. His voice alone could drive a man mad (the incessant Napoleon imitations that followed the film's release was reason to drive off a cliff). 

Oddly enough, the idea of finding Napoleon to be unbearably annoying seems to have been the objective here, as we found ourselves hating him, yet, at the same time, still curious about what happens to him in the end. This movie is the perfect statement on the type of manufactured individuality that a lot of people think they have in them, and how in the end it all turns out to be a facade. Annoyance with a purpose—what a novel concept.