It doesn’t take Roger Ebert to realize that Boogie Nights is by far the best movie cited on this list. Though, to be fair, the competition is barely second-rate, except for the unexpectedly substantial The Girl Next Door. But that’s not why we’ve chosen Heather Graham’s Boogie Nights contribution. The proof is in those rollerskates—as the skate-loving porn star Rollergirl, Graham upgraded a mostly dialogue-free and minor role into a sex icon for cinema buffs and niche viewers.

Every time we revisit Boogie Nights, it’s impossible not to wish Rollergirl took the female lead instead of Julianne Moore’s Amber Waves. With four wheels under each foot, Graham’s bosom-thick shirts and scant miniskirts glide across the screen and into our dirtiest thoughts like clockwork. The best part: She comes faster each time. Um, yeah.