You know how they say "It's the nice ones you have watch out for," right? Well, they're talking about guys like Ted Bundy, a serial killer, necrophile, and rapist who killed upwards of 30 women all by using his good looks, natural charisma, and disarming personality to manipulate his victims.

Bundy was one hell of an actor, portraying various types of characters in order to lure his victims. Sometimes, he'd pretend to be injured or act like he was suffering from a disability; other times, he'd make women think that he was a cop. Once he'd earned their trust, or coerced their fear of authority, Bundy would bring them to secluded areas, assault them, and leave them for dead.

Unhappy with just killing the ladies, he'd later go back to the crime scenes and have sex with the rotting corpses, before returning home, where he kept at least 12 of his victims' decapitated heads as keepsakes. Bundy's reign of terror stretched throughout seven states, including Florida, Washington, and Colorado. On January 24, 1989, he was executed via an electric chair inside Raiford Prison, in Starke, FL.