If stories about kids dying ruin your day, as they should, you might want to skip past this account of Andrea Yates.

For those still with us, the Houston mother of five, for years, suffered from an intense postpartum depression, which compounded with her pre-parenting years stricken with thoughts of suicide and self-hatred due to bulimia and suffocating insecurities. The suicidal impulses continued throughout her marriage to Rusty Yates, and on June 17, 1999, Andrea tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills. Sent to the hospital, she was prescribed antidepressants, released, and quickly brought back into the hospital after additional suicide attempts. In July, she had a nervous breakdown, tried killing herself two more times, and was diagnosed with postpartum psychosis.

Repeated hospitalizations and self-mutilations culminated, on June 20, 2001, into the murders of all five of her children. While Rusty was at work, ignoring their doctor's orders to watch over her at all times, Andrea drowned their kids—ages ranging from 6 months to 7 years old—in a bathtub, then laid three of them out on her bed and left the other two floating in the tub.