Release date: December 6, 1994
Record label: Priority

Video game historians will forever look back upon the 1994 big-screen adaptation of Street Fighter as a laughable attempt to cinematize the arcade and home console favorite. Blame it on Jean-Claude Van Damme's strained performance as Guile, or the late Raul Julia's over-acting in the villainous role of M. Bison. Don't, however, project any disappointment toward Kylie Minogue's work as Cammy—intense sexiness always outweighs bad thespian abilities in our book.

Street Fighter should be looked back upon as a total creative washout, but there's just one problem: Its soundtrack is too damn excellent. Perhaps aware that the movie itself sucked (though probably not), the people involved with assembling the film's original music pulled no punches, corralling the likes of Nas ("One on One"), LL Cool J ("Life as…"), and The Pharcyde ("Pandemonium") to contribute first-rate songs that only the most ardent of die-hard fans show love to 18 years later. It's amazing how many Nas loyalists still haven't heard "One on One."