Release date: September 14, 1993
Record label: Epic

Call it the awesome culmination of Public Enemy's and Anthrax's efforts in recording the seminal 1987 rap/rock single "Bring the Noise." A full album's worth of that kind of fusion, the soundtrack to the Emilio Estevez/Cuba Gooding, Jr. thriller Judgment Night bypassed the usual all-MC approach and took 11 creative risks, pairing up respected hip-hop acts with equally acclaimed rock groups.

The results, while not all wholly successful, make for a truly one-of-a-kind listening experience. For those looking to bang their heads, the title track, a Biohazard/Onyx collaboration, is appropriately thrashing, while "I Love You Mary Jane," from Sonic Youth and Cypress Hill, slows things down a bit to give new-age hippies something to enjoy. Other interesting team-ups include Pearl Jam and, for a second time, Cypress Hill ("Real Thing"), Dinosaur Jr. and Del the Funkee Homosapien ("Missing Link"), and Teenage Fanclub with De La Soul ("Fallin'").