Original Air Date: November 25, 2010
Director: John Bradshaw
Stars: Lauren Holly, Rick Roberts

The Town Christmas Forgot is a heavy-handed family flick that attempts to drill it into an audience’s head that Christmas isn’t about material possessions—it’s about togetherness. Of course this message is brought to you by the Hallmark Corporation, which has been profiting off of holiday cheer for decades. The movie focuses on a middle-class white family getting stranded for Christmas in an impoverished mining town named Nowhere Town. We’re not kidding, that’s actually the name of the community. It boggles the mind.

The plot then follows typical Hallmark trappings by having the family bring positivity to the town’s residents and they all have a merry Christmas, despite being broke and present-less. They even somehow get Santa Claus to make an appearance for this catastrophe. Don’t believe this drivel, Christmas is about boxed merchandise and we all know it.