Typecast as: The smarmy weirdo
Notable examples: Fargo, Ghost World, Con-Air

He's changing perceptions by playing corrupt politician Nucky Thompson in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, but Steve Buscemi will always be the creepy loner with the pencil-thin mustache to us. Sporting a head of greasy hair, thrift store clothing, and a crooked smile, Buscemi was typecast for years as either a harmless weirdo (Billy Madison) or sociopathic creeper (Con-Air) in movies from every genre.

Over the years, he has worked with some of the best, and most mediocre, directors in the biz, yet no matter who was behind camera, they always had the same idea of who Buscemi could play. Most notably, his work in Fargo and Ghost World is simply creeptastic as Buscemi manages to get under our skin with just a few awkward lines of dialogue. Being Hollywood’s go-to guy for deranged weirdos might not be glamorous for your résumé, but at least it pays the bills.