Let's be real. Most everything about Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis as hot ballerinas tearing each other's clothes off is awesome. They're sweaty, their bodies are in prime shape, and there's a whole lot of tongue involved. But then...whomp, whomp. It's not real.

Not only is it not real, but there are moments when Kunis' face morphs into Portman's. This would be hot if it was some freaky alien porno, but it's creepy as a representation of the main character's split personalities and paranoia. Toss in the her mom napping a few feet away in the morning, with the implication that she could've seen Portman's one-woman show the night before, and something just isn't right. Maybe it's that sex between two of Hollywood's hottest actresses didn't quite leave you with the warm and fuzzy feeling you were looking for.