There are many things wrong with the sex scene between the two prostitutes played by Cara Seymour and Krista Sutton in American Psycho. The most major one, of course, is that they're sleeping with a psychopath who physically abuses them both and later kills one of them. Granted, neither knows that yet, but we sense it, and that adds a thick layer of discomfort to the whole progression.

Then there is their overall lack of enthusiasm and general awkwardness. Call girl "Sabrina" does not seem happy about streetwalker "Christie"and vice versa. And while it is hilarious to watch Christian Bale watch himself as he flexes his muscles, it is also not what we want to see when there are two naked blondes beneath him. Finally, it's hard to forget the endless Phil Collins in the background. Not what you'll find on our go-to "Make Magic Happen" playlist.