Mobile phones are our most personal of gadgets. We treat 'em like women treat their pocketbooks: as troves of intimate info. That's why we lock them with passcodes and watch closely as people rifle through our photo collections lest they see something meant for our eyes only. It's also why people feel comfortable using their phones to do their dirt. Most often than not that dirt is shoveled via text message. Introduced in the '90s, SMS has become the most used mobile data protocol in the world. It's also responsible for ending a good number of relationships.

Just ask former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner, or Tiger Woods, or Tony Parker, or A-Rod—a simple text message from the wrong person (or 10) can ruin a relationship. Whether it was through a hack job, careless actions like not unlocking their phone, or the cheating party leaking their goods for an extra 15 minutes of fame, these famous figures have all had their privates turned public. See what famous celebs got caught sext-handed.

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