For iOS 6, Apple upgraded its digital personal assistant Siri to do more than tell you if it's raining or sunny. It can now give you live sports stats, and book restaurant reservations, and even find you movie times. But there's one thing SIri can't control: Facebook. That's where WonderVoice comes in.

The WonderVoice iOS app brings voice integration to Facebook. Saying "News Feed" will command the app to read new entries, while saying "Nearby Friends" will inform you of friends who have checked in recently in your area. The app is also integrated with music streaming services 8tracks and Spotify so you will be able to play music (and your friend's music) on command.

There are some limitations to WonderVoice, however. Even though you are able to update status messages the app is unable to post it as text, instead an audio link of your status gets posted to your wall. 

In a statement to Tech Crunch, WonderVoice's founder Gal Melamed discussed the goals on the app: “We want to be the hub for all social networks and communication.” He discussed the plans of expansion to other social networks, specifically mentioning Foursquare and Twitter. Additionally, he mentioned that an Android version is currently being developed. IPhone users, however, can download WonderVoice today for $1.99 here.

[via The Next Web]