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If Red Dead Redemption's "Undead Nightmare" DLC proved anything, it's the obvious fact that putting zombies into games that didn't originally have zombies is awesome. Like, super awesome.

So we're extremely excited for the just-announced Sleeping Dogs DLC "Nightmare in Northpoint." Sleeping Dogs is a Grand Theft Auto-style crime/cop game set in Hong Kong, and "Nightmare in Northpoint" does exactly what you think it does: makes it into a horror story.

Sleeping Dogs devs United Front haven't yet confirmed exactly what horrible monsters will be set loose on Hong Kong, though zombies seems like the safe bet. On the other hand, that fact that they haven't yet confirmed that could be an indication that we're finally moving past zombies and onto scarier pastures.

So what could it be? Real vampires (not the sparkly kind)? Werewolves? Some terrifying Chinese folk tale monster that we haven't even heard of?

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