David Hoogland of Morley says he was kicked out of rooftop bar Print Hall because of his mullet. If you let him tell it, his "business in the front" haircut was not acceptable in the eyes of the establishment. They have some nerve, right? Hoogland was with his fiancée and friends when bouncers approached him and asked him to leave. According to Hoogland, he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans with dress shoes, so he assumes it was the mullet he's been working on for ten damn years that offended people. Apparently, he was told that they didn't want "his type" at the bar. And after all that hard work?

Print Hall has chosen not to comment on Hoogland's claims. Could that mean they do discriminate against mullets, or do they just think this is all too absurd to even entertain conversation about it?

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[via Gawker]


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