There's nothing like a good Google Bomb.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a Google Bomb is what happens when a group of people work to manipulate the search engine to produce certain results. You probably remember back in '03 when everyone was going nuts because a Google search for "miserable failure" produced a link to former President George W. Bush's biography on the White House's website. 

Today, a new Google Bomb has been discovered: If you go to Google Images and search for "completely wrong," you'll get a page full of Mitt Romney images. Go ahead, click here to see for yourself.  

This Google Bomb is a result of a comment Mitt Romney made after the first 2012 presidential debate where he admitted he was "completely wrong" for saying that 47 percent of Americans consider themselves victims and are dependent upon the U.S. government for aid. 

"I said something that's just completely wrong. I care about 100 percent, and that's been demonstrated throughout my life," Romney told Fox News.

Enjoy it while it lasts.