Six3 is an iPhone app that allows users to record video messages up to 63-seconds long share them publicly or privately as easily as they would a text message. The app's recent update adds Instagram-like filters and deeper integration with Facebook and Twitter. Now, public videos can be uploaded to the aforementioned social networks.

The app launched in February in beta and since has grown to over 12,000 users. Tim Grimsditch, the co-founder and CEO of Six3 told Huffington Post that the app has become a great communication tool for business travelers and parents with young children. However the majority of users are 25-year-old "video natives." According to Grimsditch, "They're using the app in a much more day-to-day, casual style because they have used video communication technologies their whole lives."

Video chat is popular with apps like Skype, Viddy, and Apple's FaceTime, but can mobile video messaging replace text messaging, like Grimsditch hopes?

Download Six3 for free here on your iPhone. The Android version of Six3 is set to launch during the first half of 2013.

[via Huffington Post]