We all know how much Mitt Romney loves PBS, but we've got to wonder: What would it be like if he had his own show on the non-profit network? Luckily, Jimmy Fallon's got our answer. In a segment on his late night show, Fallon stepped into the GOP presidential nominee's shoes to host a Mister Rogers' Neighborhood-esque show - creatively titled Mister Romney's Neighborhood - and, as expected, it's pretty much perfect.

Whereas Fred Rogers spoke to his viewers about morals, imagination and the like, Romney's take is more along the lines of teaching kids that money doesn't grow on trees (because that would be silly), but instead "comes from a magical place called 'our parents'." And the wonderful "neighborhood of make-believe" that was a fixture on the series? Well, that's simply "where me and Paul Ryan get most of our facts." Sounds legit.

You can watch the clip above, or head on over to ClipNation to check it out. The kids never had a chance.

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[via ClipNation]