The way we relay commands to computers and smartphones has evolved greatly over the years. Toronto-based company, InteraXon, is looking to take it one step further with the Muse Headband, a device that will allow people to command devices like smartphones and tablets using their brain. 

The headband uses sensors to transform tiny electric impulses from your brain into actions. Of course, the Muse is meant bring convenience to our lives, but the overall goal of InteraXon with the hardware is to improve the strength of the brain. Think of a society of electronic Star Wars Jedis, turning off lights and televisions with your brain. OK, it won't make your brain that powerful. 

Currently, the commands are limited but projects like Muse have been in development for years so with more research the field will only continue to develop. The idea for Muse was influenced by Board of Imagination's mind-controlled skateboard which was released earlier this year.

Check out the demo of Muse above. Looks powerful, right? The project has 44 days left to reach its goal of $150,000 on Indiegogo before it makes it to mass production. Currently, InteraXon has raised almost $50,000. Would you purchase a Muse headband if it was to hit the market?

[via Business Week]