Some stores have policies where you can't even approach suspected shoplifters in your store. Apparently that's not the case at 7-Eleven—or, if it is, these employees ignored it in favor of something unforgivable.

Thursday evening at the 7-Eleven on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, two 7-Eleven employees confronted a suspected shoplifter who may have taken a box of candy bars. Instead of calling the police, they took matters into their own hands, forcefully detaining the shoplifter, tearing his clothes while preventing him from leaving.

The man can be heard yelling about one of the employees biting him, and an observer involves himself in the tussle, helping the employees attempt to restrain the shoplifter. At the end of the video, after tackling the alleged shoplifter, one of the employees appears to strike him with his fist. 

According to Grub Street, a 7-Eleven spokesperson called the video "extremely disturbing." That would be correct. Now they need to do something about it.

[via Grub Street]