Loren Brichter has an impressive resume as an iOS developer with Apple and Twitter as former clients.   Since leaving Twitter a year ago, Brichter started his own company Atebits. The company's first product is a simple, yet addictive iOS game called Letterpress.


Before creating Letterpress, Brichter developed the one-finger album swipe for Apple. After that, he started Tweetie which featured the standout "pull-to-refresh" interface on iPhone Twitter client. Twitter eventually purchased Tweetie and made it the official iOS and Mac Twitter app.

Letterpress is a word game that you play with your friends. Opponents have to form words from a set of tiles. You "own" a letter tile once its used, but your opponent can steal a tile back from you. In order to win you must have the most tiles on the board before they are all used. 

Unlike the popular With Friends game series from Zynga which allow social network integration, Letterpress only utilizes the built-in Game Center on iOS devices to send challenges to friends. Do you think Letterpress can steal the top slot from the popular Words With Friends game? Find out for yourself, download Letterpress for free here from the Apple App Store.

[via GigaOm