Disney is certainly trying hard to reel in the gaming crowd with Wreck-it Ralph. Can you blame them? Look at how much money video games make. We're a profitable bunch of consumers.

The latest Ralph footage to come out involves a satirical look at the slightly overblown and bombastic "modern shooter" genre, in the form of a fake game called Hero's Duty. Judging by what we've seen of the film so far in trailers and the like, the characters from Hero's Duty will play an important role in Ralph's quest to become a good guy.

And thinly veiled CoD reference aside, Hero's Duty actually looks like a real game. Possibly even a good one. Interestingly, despite the name, the one "gameplay" snippet in the "trailer" looks more like Metroid Prime than anything else. Are you guys seeing that?

Maybe Disney should go into the game-development business. Oh wait.

[via Kotaku]