Some people are fine just using the controllers that come with their gaming systems, but others, like the folks at KontrolFreek, crave more. They want precision, they want added stick height, and they want sensual designs under their thumbs. Designs themed after Halo 4 and Black Ops 2. And that's exactly what they created.

The FPS Freeks analog stick augmentations snap onto the top of your Xbox 360 or PS3 controller's sticks (one size fits all) and add a sexy layer of precision control directly on top of Microsoft and Sony's apparent inadequacies. Check out this video on KontrolFreek's site to learn about the "science" behind them. It's pretty convincing.

The Halo 4 nubs feature a UNSC design and a sexy blue color, while the Black Ops 2-themed add-ons are hard gray with a Call of Duty skull.

We've tested them out, and while it's ultimately up to personal preference whether you want an extra half-inch on your control sticks, they're definitely worth checking out. And as of today, both special editions of the FPS Freeks are available. So what do you think? Do these sound like a good idea?