When most TV shows attempt to incorporate modern technology into an episode, the results are, more often than not, cringe-worthy. Luckily, as evidenced by last night's episode, Parks and Recreation isn't one of those shows. Last night's episode involved Tom Haverford getting arrested for crashing into a fire hydrant while texting and driving. Haverford had to go to court where he was sentenced to a week without screens As you can imagine, hilarity ensues. 

Betabeat put together a collection of Haverford's best technology-related lines from last night's episode. It's full of gems like these: When Tom learns of his week-long punishment, he pleads, with smartphone in hand, “No please send me to jail. One last tweet? Press send, bailiff! PRESS SEND!” 

Or when he tries to cope the lost of his gadgets: “I can’t use screens for a week? Big deal, I’m adapting! I built a real life Pinterest board. [Bangs finger into corkboard repeatedly] “I really wish you could click those.”

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[via Beatbeat]