After bringing you the 100 Thirstiest Comments on Instagram, as well as the 25 Thirstiest Comments on Kim Kardashian's Instagram, and even some of the thirst from Instagram Pictures of Joe Budden's Girlfriend, we can pretty much assure you one thing: The thirst has gotten worse.

We called Kim Kardashian the "queen of thirst trap" last month, but that was because we only just got a peek at the "TRAPSTAR" herself: Rihanna (sorry, Kim.) I mean, how can we forget the marijuana-smoking, bikini body-bearing, tattoo cleavage-exposing RiRi? 

Some of Ms. Fenty's 700+ Instagram pictures have brought out more thirst than the Sudanese water crisis with the funny (and worst) bits of simp-ery and dehydration ever committed in a Instagram comment.

Seriously, fellas. Something's gotta give. And as long as you lonely dudes continue to pour your hearts out to women you'll never, ever meet, we can promise you that we'll keep documenting it. With that said, let's take a look at: The 25 Thirstiest Comments on Rihanna's Instagram.

Written by Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE)

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