Come on now. You really didn't think we were going to deliver you the Thirstiest Women's Halloween Costumes on Instagram and not show you the thirsty comments that came along with them, did you? Not to forget, on the thirstiest calendar day of the year? This is really the only day women can go out and sport the skimpiest outfits known to man and pretty much get away with it. And with Instagram making it so easy for these super attention-seeking women to show-off their half-naked 'fits, desperate messages from lonely and just straight up perverted guys were pretty much inevitable.

From the celebrities who got things cracking early over the weekend to the pseudo-celebrities and models with over 50k followers who are just super poppin' on the photo sharing site, here are: The 25 Thirstiest Celebrity Halloween Costume Comments on Instagram.

Written by Anthony Osei (@ILLIONAIRE)

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