Neighborhood: Park Slope
Address: 446 Dean St.
Order This: Spicy falafel

Around Barclays, the falafel war is no joke. In this corner, you have Chick P (490 Bergen Street), a solid contender with friendly service and great lemonade. In that corner, you have Kulushkät, of a similar size and with a similarly focused menu, but a stronger product. Their spicy falafel sandwich is spicier than Chick P's, and they serve well-seasoned fries (think Five Guys, but better). When you dine-in at the K, they let one crisp falafel pod chill on the plate, letting you try it solo or stuff it in after you've downed half the pita but need more reinforcements in the substance department. There's nothing worse than having a nice hunk of pita left, but no falafel. It's little touches like that that give Kulushkät the edge.