Taylor Swift is struggling in her relationship with Conor Kennedy. Why? Because dude is basically still a teenager. In fact, he is a teenager— he's still 18— and he's still in high school. She's 22 and feels weird.

"She’s been complaining that love with a teenager is hard,” says a source. “She’s tried everything possible, but the long distance is getting to her.”

Apparently seeing Conor is difficult, because she's a busy pop star and all. And when she does see him, it's not easy. The guy attends Deerfield Academy, a prep school with strict rules, where he's still a junior in high school.

"He has to be back to his dorm by 9:45 pm during the week," says the source. "And 11:30 on Saturday nights.”

That has to suck.

[via Celebitchy]