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Taylor Swift is getting a lot of backlash for dating a younger man but she says: So what? He's a grown man.

The 22-year-old star took her relationship with high school junior Conor Kennedy—yes, that Kennedy—public when he turned 18 years old. Rumors are surrounding the couple, many of which accuse Swift of “kidnapping” Kennedy and flying him on a private jet to Nashville.

"How did I kidnap him?" she asked in an interview with Rolling Stone. "You can’t kidnap a grown man! These are serious accusations now!”

Apparently someone suggested she may have snatched the idea from her friend and fellow actress Selena Gomez, who dates Justin Bieber. Talk about a bunch of young cougars!

Apparently, journalist Brian Hiatt, compared her romance to Elvis superfan Nicolas Cage marrying Lisa Marie Presley and “getting the ultimate collectible."

“That’s not what’s happening,” she says.

Taylor, you just do you.

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