Deutsche Telekom, the parent company of wireless provider T-Mobile, has confirmed it is in talks to acquire Metro PCS.

This potential acquisition will not be the first for T-Mobile. Last year AT&T attempted a merger with T-Mobile for $39 billion. That deal however had to be tabled due to government antitrust regulators. 

Although a significant transition, the acquisition of Metro PCS would not be enough to make T-mobile a top player in the cellphone market.  However with this acquisition, T-Mobile would become a much stronger competitor. The absorption of Metro PCS into the brand would bring 9.3 million customers to T-Mobile's subscription base. Additionally, Metro PCS has recently rolled out its high-speed LTE network.

Do you think a merger with Metro PCS is a good strategic move for T-Mobile or should they reconsider their strategy to regain market share in the mobile industry?

[via NY Times]

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