A year ago today, Steven Paul Jobs passed away at the age of 56 after battling a severe case of pancreatic cancer. The legendary entrepreneur, who had a hand in some of the most prominent and forward-thinking companies of our time, left his mark on nearly every industry save for fashion. Well, unless you consider the iPhone a fashion accessory, but whatever. The truth of the matter is that Jobs was a once-in-a-lifetime treasure. A genius who was able to envision products and services that would leave indelible marks on our society. Can you imagine there being no iTunes Store? No iPod? And, like most geniuses, we remember him as much for what he did as for what he said. Whether it was dropping philosophical gems or raging against his competitors, Steve had a knack for making people listen when he spoke. To commemorate the anniversary, we went back and picked out our favorite Jobs quotes. 

Written by Stephen Nale