Not everyone will get to experience witnessing the birth of entire galaxies at their finger tips. Sure we could watch a Carl Sagan marathon, or eat some DMT, but the fact is that most of us don't know how it feels to create a baby nebula.

 Starbloom will change all that. Shadegrown's newest iOS game is deceptively simple at granting the players the powers of god-lings, shaping the universe with nothing more than manipulated tones and the drag of a finger.

Each level of Starbloom presents players with rotating celestial bodies shedding cosmic matter. Your job is to collect the galactic dust which then spawns more celestial bodies. The challenge presents itslef when your baby galaxy becomes an overcrowded field of planets that need to be dodged. Power-ups appear in the form of comets that grant invulnerability, multipliers, and bonuses like increased gravity. The whole thing is set to some of the most laid back electro-hash that has ever pumped out of your iPhone speakers.

Galactus on Valium could not be more chill than this. Watch the trailer and the play the game. Let us know what you think on Twitter.

[via Starbloom]