The Wii U doesn't come out for almost a month still, but at least one man is already waiting outside on the sidewalk to get one.

Isaiah-Triforce Johnson, who's somehow learned to embrace the name his apparently Zelda-loving parents gave him, was the first North American customer to purchase both the Wii and the 3DS. The above is a picture of him, Power Glove and all, receiving the first 3DS sold in the states from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime himself. So he's sort of already made a name for himself.

And he's not about to break that streak, it seems. Johnson tweeted today: " make sure that I'll be the 1st in the world to get the Nintendo Wii U, I'm starting the line a month in advance."

Holy shit, man. We admire your dedication, but how are you going to not work or go to school for a whole month? We hope you have a lot of 3DS games with you. We have to wonder, as well, whether this is a publicity stunt, or simply a joke on Johnson's part. Regardless, we hope he is the first customer in the U.S. to buy a Wii U. He deserves it.

Are you planning to wait in line for a Wii U?

[via Kotaku]