Any memorable moment that's occurred on national television has undoubtedly been turned into a .GIF. GIFs are kind of a big deal, if you didn't know. Cinegram, an iOS app that allows people to turn video clips into .GIFs and share 'em with friends and followers, has recently blown up. Well, now it's got competition: Lightt. 

Launched this week on an invitation only basis, Light enables users to take video clips and convert them into soundless second-long clips called Highlights. Though the Highlights resemble GIFs, Engadget reported that the vides are actually a proprietary file format. The app's design is similar to mobile photo-sharing leader Instagram and the Highlights can be shared with friends on Facebook and Twitter. 

On Lightt's blog, the company shared the role of the app in users lives: 

"We didn’t start out with a plan to break away from traditional photos or video. We started by playing with images, trying to figure out how to dynamically and seamlessly connect pictures together. We came up with a format that is simple, mobile and connects on an emotional level."

Check out the promo video for Lightt video above and request an invitation on the company's website here.

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