Scribblenauts lets you create whatever objects you want by simply writing their names—scribble "ball," it gives you a ball. Get it? But the best part of any Scribblenauts game is easily when you write something totally outlandish, and it somehow works. Like when you summon God himself, give him a squirt gun, and make him fight the devil to the death (guess who wins?).

The series has mostly avoided licensed characters, though, but today 5th Cell and WB Games have announced a partnership with Nintendo that will add characters from Mario and The Legend of Zelda games to the Wii U title Scribblenauts Unlimited.

Finally, we'll get to see what happens if we drop Mario and Princess Zelda into a hot tub together. We're guessing Link isn't going to like that one.

Scribblenauts Unlimited drops Nov. 18, the Wii U's launch day.