A few years ago, Warner Brothers and director George Miller attempted to put a Justice League movie into production. The movie was so far along in the creative process that most of the film’s main characters were cast and even tried on the costumes of the respective heroes that they would be playing. One notable cast member was Armie Hammer, who was going to play Batman. This is before The Social Network came out back when Hammer was a relative unknown.

Obviously the movie never happened, but Hammer still went on to see success on his own. Now, according to Movie Hole, the studio is again interested in Hammer as the Caped Crusader in its upcoming attempt at a Justice League movie. The site goes on to report that if Hammer does indeed get cast that it would only be for Justice League as a potential Batman solo reboot might feature a different actor altogether.

So there you have it; your latest Justice League rumor of the month. Hopefully we’ll actually get some concrete information on the film soon.

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[via Movie Hole]