Ever go to a Japanese restaurant outside of Japan and order one of their Western-inspired entrees, like a hamburger steak with that spaghetti on the side? Resident Evil 6 is sort like that, a game influenced by the Western third person shooters that were inspired by Resident Evil 4.

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: October 2, 2012
Price: $60

Score: 6/10

There result is something faster paced than any Resident Evil before it and with no restraint on showcasing large production theatrics.  Press releases tout a 600+ strong production team and you can see it in the set pieces (and their subsequent grandiose destruction) and in the play length, which will stretch the $60 of many Resident Evil fans. Yet you wonder if the creative direction was ready to handle a production of this size for it doesn't take long to see large cracks in Resident Evil 6.

There is both a positive sense of anticipation and relief going into Resident Evil 6. It's the feeling of excitement that, after 16 years since the franchise's debut, the bioterrorist threat has finally reached the inevitable stage of going global, more so than the foreign incidents in Europe and Africa in Resident Evil 4 and 5. With the terror of this magnitude, it feels natural that Resident Evil 6 is told through multiple storylines. Leon and Chris are back, and so are other familiar faces and host of new ones. There's a reunion feel to the game not unlike the fan-pleasing thrill of seeing the cast of the Metal Gear Solid series together in Metal Gear Solid 4.