Capcom has been listening to fans' feedback on Resident Evil 6, and though they can't fix everything that we didn't like about the game, they can offer a few adjustments, including a new difficulty and co-op character.

An update scheduled to arrive in mid-December will unlock the campaign starring recurring RE femme fatale Ada Wong from the get-go. Previously, you had to beat the other three storylines to unlock her missions. In addition, she'll get a new co-op partner so that her missions can be played with two people.

The camera has been altered so that players can adjust the field of view, showing more or less of the environment as they see fit (see the side-by-side comparison shots above). The subtitle options have been altered so that the voice and text tracks no longer have to be in the same language.

Finally, the new "No Hope" difficulty level will provide an even greater challenge for players who can't get enough pain. Are there any other problems in Resident Evil 6 that you feel can be fixed with a patch?

[via CVG]