While scuffing of your iPhone 5 can be expected as a sign of normal wear-and-tear to the new aluminum enclosure, some customers have complained that their black iPhone 5s have come pre-scuffed before they even had a chance to use them. Responding to those complaints, Apple has recently raised production standards at its major manufacturing partners, Bloomberg reports.

The new protocols, designed to ensure that only pristine products come off the assembly line, are not without their consequences. Apple has already had difficulty producing iPhone 5s fast enough to meet demand and now the devices are rolling out even more slowly, according to Bloomberg. Weeks after iPhone 5 debut weekend sales fell short of market expectations, the phone still remains scarce, with three to four week shipping times on new orders.

Additionally, strict benchmarks for iPhone 5 assembly have put a strain on the workers themselves. Recently reports have emerged of internal fighting among Foxconn employees due to the higher-than-usual pressure that comes with working on the "miraculous" new phone.

But at least consumers should be able to count on their new iPhone being spotless... as soon as they're able to get a hold of one.

[via Bloomberg]